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Read on to find out what type of basement flooring might best suit your needs. ... choice for basement floors. ... the appearance of wood or stone, which can give your basement floor a luxury look ...

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See why dark solid wood floors are the best choice for you. Hardwood Floor Repair, Effective Steps That Work If your hardwood floors have been marred by scratches, gouges, dents, stains and is in need of repair, this easy to follow guide will help you restore their former beauty.

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A basement can make up around one third of the floorspace in a home. The cost of finishing a basement can be half the cost of putting an addition (of smaller space) on the house, and can provide a greater raise on the resale value.

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That leaves you a lot of basement flooring options, such as ceramic tile, engineered wood, rubber and laminate flooring made with a moisture-resistant plywood core. But that doesn’t mean basements are trouble-free.

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However, for most people who just love the look of wood floors, the fact that engineered wood flooring is often tricky to tell apart from solid wood once installed, easier to install and suited to every area of the home (including the basement where moisture levels can be problematic for solid wood*) means that authenticity is often of lesser concern.

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Since wood is derived from trees and is organic, it does not stand up well to prolonged moisture. Thus, solid hardwood is one of the worst basement flooring options. But engineered wood flooring is a different story.

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Wood floors may warp in time as water vapor evaporates from the groundwater in the soil beneath the concrete slab. Immediate damage can result from flooding, drain backups, broken water pipes or a wall leak.

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10 Best Basement Flooring Options, Professional Floor Installation. Professional Floor Installation 1. Sheet Vinyl Flooring. Vinyl flooring, also known as resilient flooring, ranks with concrete and ceramic tile as one of the better basement flooring options.

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Basement flooring options - MoneySense. 25 Feb 2015 When considering basement flooring options, think about not only price and The best flooring options when it comes to waterproofing is sealed not to use wood in a basement is that wood flooring is ruined by flooding.

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Basement Flooring Ideas – 30 Best Options & Designs Remodeling basements into rooms that offer more than simply being a storage space is becoming a much more popular and cost-effective way to expand the habitable space in your home and in this Home Flooring Pros guide we take you through 30 of the best basement flooring ideas we could find.

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I desperately wanted to extend the sand and stain wood floors we have on our main level to the basement but was concerned about the risk. In a basement, there are so many ways water can seep in – through the walls, floors, and windows.

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Hardwood floors are a beautiful addition to a finished basement, but they can also allow for moisture retention and water damage. Learn how to safely install hardwood floors while maintaining the look of a basement space.

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Hardwood Floors In Basements. Should you consider installing hardwood floors in a basement? The answer is yes and no.Generally, most people that have basements may also have wood floors above and wish to match the same look.

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Engineered Wood. Engineered wood is a thin veneer of solid wood that is attached to a plywood core. Style choices in this department are vast, and the long-lasting, easy-to-clean, easy-to-install options have many opting for this fabricated flooring.

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The best way to install ceramic tile in a basement is directly over a concrete slab. If you use a plywood subfloor, you risk the plywood warping if water does end up reaching it. For added protection, even though ceramic holds ups well against water, you can install a water barrier layer between the subfloor and your tiles.

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Engineered wood is a wonderful alternative to solid hardwood if you want a real wood floor that can safely be installed in a basement. The two basement-friendly flooring options with the best moisture resistance are our luxury vinyl tile and rigid core , which are 100% waterproof, so planks won't swell, buckle or lose integrity when exposed to ...