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Hi there, so my daughter has a 2000 Logan 2 horse slant. We did a floor inspection and found one rotted piece of wood by the right rear tail lamp and a slit piece of wood right about where the big boys back foot would go.

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Three that run the length of the trailer on the floor (right, center, left) and one on each side wall about 30" high. For the floor runs I used Spax fasteners every 6" or so directly into the plywood floor.

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Increased traction and durability make Rumber boards the best option for trailer flooring.

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Trailer manufacturers offer steel threshold plates of varying lengths, which protect the rear wood floor from damage and/or steel floor extensions, which also help eliminate wood damage at the rear of trailers.

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Posts: 2 Location: Colorado: Hi , I have a 1987 steel bumper pull stock/horse trailer that needs a new wood floor. I have tried looking on Google for info on how to go about it but can't find much.

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Horse Trailer Flooring - Double D Trailers. Why Buy a Horse Trailer with a Wood Floor? If you're thinking about purchasing a horse trailer, one detail to consider is the horse trailer's floor.

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I had a 1968 Murray 2 horse trailer. I was the second owner as of 1985. The owner had just replaced the floor within the last year. I sold the trailer in 1999 and only 1 or 2 boards needed replacing.

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Wood Horse Trailer Flooring When it comes to trailer flooring wood is a classic choice. Wood has been used for years and is still used today despite some more modern choices available and for good reason.

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The best trailer floor available if you can find it is the IPE or Aptong. Lufkin has a plant about 60 miles from me and we can buy the tropical/rain forest hardwoods from them. I buy their cutoffs and use them crossways in gooseneck stock and horse trailers.

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Here are seven reasons you should pick a wood floor for your next horse trailer. Wood floors are safer and less stressful to horse’s joints. Wood floors have a slight give, which allows your horse a softer ride.

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Horse Truck & Trailer Flooring KAYU ? Keruing / Apitong? Kayu ? International is a Direct Importer of hardwood Horse trailer flooring, from shiplap and rough lumber, to custom specialty patterns.

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coatings are also an option for wood and aluminum horse-trailer floors and walls. Basically, this type of product seals up the floor so that the moisture, urine and manure never gets to the wood or aluminum, resulting in a long-lasting floor.

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The trailer we are replacing the floorboards on his an old, steel, gooseneck, with a wood/plank floor. This type of trailer is also called a stock trailer. Replacing the boards is a straightforward task.

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In all honesty, we have chosen treated pine as our choice for the best wood for trailer floor.To begin with, the pressure treated pine wood does not conduct heat, as per aluminum flooring does.

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In a grisly accident, a horse fell through the floor of its trailer during travel and had to be euthanized. Photo Credit: Helenair.com In July of 2011, Horse and Hound magazine reported that a horse had fallen through the rotten floor of its 2-horse trailer in Aylesbury, England during travel.