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Insulated Concrete Forms for Floors, Roofs and Elevated Buildings. Ideal for residential, commercial, and institutional construction, INSUL-DECK buildings are not only more comfortable, quieter and super energy efficient, but can also provide safety from hurricane level winds, fire and floods.

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What is the best way to make a deck water proof? - Green Home Guide. Oct 19, 2011 ... A good, clean continuous subsurface, such as plywood or concrete. ... around the edges where the deck meets the second floor walls and/or parapet. ... with the waterproofing to be sure there is no leakage at this weak link.

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second floor and the actual roof below, the more traditional approach would be a slightly sloped metal or mopped roof, with a floating deck on sleepers or flashed posts above it, but that is likely to be very heavy compared to a

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Gallery: minimum concrete slope for drainage 11 rossford rd mower deck spray coating log railing prices aluminum pontoon decking material freestanding screen room see all full list... Second Floor Deck Idea

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Reinforced concrete floor decks have become increasingly popular in homes over the last decade. In part, this is because consumers' interest in their advantages (strength, rigidity, durability, sound attenuation, and suitability for in-floor radiant heating and decorative concrete finishes) has ...

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Sadly, however, cantilevered concrete-floor slabs without thermal breaks are extremely common in the United States. The cantilevered-slab approach is the most common method of detailing balconies in commercial buildings and many multifamily housing units.

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2nd floor: steel deck - cement pouring.mpg jabezchronicles19. ... Composite Steel Floor Decks - Product Overview - Duration: ... How I build a concrete porch with deck pans, Mike Haduck ...

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Re: 2nd Floor Concrete Porch "The main roof of the house will cover it. It will need to be framed with wood." So the roof framing is wood...simple carpentry.


second story deck page2 of 5 note: this deck connection detail is based on the assumption that a minimum 1-1/2” thick wood member is adequately installed at

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Then concrete polymer (also proven) and guaranteed to hold up better than reg. 4" concrete over time in an environment with movement ie. 2nd floor deck. May not be a good idea, but a sealed polymer will last way longer than standard 4" slab.