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Polymer concrete bridge deck overlay systems that have been used include mixtures containing epoxy, coal tar modified epoxy, polyester, methyl methacrylate and ...

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Flexogrid is a polymer concrete overlay system for use on bridge decks (5). It uses an aggregate and two-part epoxy binder to create a thin bonded overlay and is developed and marketed as a

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Proper application of a 2-lift thin polymer overlay on decks that are in good repair (no significant chloride contamination, corrosion and/or deck surface defects) have a life expectancy of seven to 15 years.

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A Bridge Deck Polymer Overlay is a two coat system utilizing an epoxy resin binder and specialized aggregate designed to increase skid resistance. The two part epoxy is applied to the deck surface using a static mixing tube to ensure proper ratio, and is evenly distributed across the surface with squeegees.

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Exterior non-skid polymer overlay system. MARK-174 is a hybridized co-polymer system designed to provide a flexible, yet strong waterproofing and skid resistant system for various traffic surfaces. Related Literature

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Design flexibility means FiberSPAN? decking works with any superstructure configuration and incorporates all design features including crowns, cross-slope, skews, curbs, drain scuppers, non-slip overlay and railing attachments.

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Thin overlays are typically ≤ 1 ? inch thick ... Non-proprietary: allowing use of local ... ensures good skid resistance Polymer modification used to enhance mix


EPOXY OVERLAY SYSTEM (6-12-14) General. This special provision is intended for use on bridges with an Average Daily Traffic (ADT) less than or equal to 5,000.

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Title Page The Use of Polymer Modified Asphalt Binder for High Friction Thin Lift Overlays in Connecticut . Final Report . Scott Zinke, James Mahoney

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T-18 Methyl Methacrylate Thin Slurry Overlay Transpo? T-18 methyl methacrylate (MMA) polymer concrete is a fast curing thin overlay. It is a pre-packaged system ideal for concrete and steel ...

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12 Completed polyester concrete deck overlay shall conform to the provisions in Section 51 l.17, "Finishing Bridge Decks," of the Standard Specifications. 13 MATERIALS Before using methacrylate resin and polyester concrete, a Material Safety Data Sheet shall be submitted for each shipment of methacrylate and polyester resins.


Non-slip finish, even when wet to prevent slippage Tough and tolerant to rain, snow, salts, oil and grease Resistant to insects, moisture, mildew and rot

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Founded in 1980 in Mechanicville, NY, Polyset is a technology-driven materials company with a philosophy of designing exceptional resin systems to meet the needs of the customer by maximizing the performance of the product within the cost parameters of the project.

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6.2 Non-structural Overlays These overlays are designed using a combination of experience and guidelines established herein. Generally, this type of overlay is used to improve ride, texture, cross-slope drainage, and weatherproofing, and is often categorized as “pavement preservation.”


Specifications for Bridge Construction Section 1, Excavation 1 - 1 1.1 General Excavation is the removal of all material, of whatever nature, necessary for the construction of