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Installing Everlast siding does cost a little bit more than other types. The of installing Everlast composite siding is roughly $5-10 per square foot. While the composite polymer cladding may relatively new to the market, it has managed to make a grand entrance in the time it has been around until now.

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It’s important for homeowners to commit to maintaining their wood siding, as the cost of completely refinishing wood siding can cost as much as $5,000. Wood siding is among the more expensive options, costing between $3 and $10 per square foot .

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The cost of siding and installation varies greatly depending on where you live, the size of your home, what siding material you choose and who you hire to do the work. For cheaper siding materials such as vinyl and engineered wood siding, you can expect to pay $6,000-to-$13,000 for installation on an average-sized home.

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CertainTeed is the acknowledged leader in vinyl and polymer siding, setting the standard for the industry. As such, we take seriously our commitment to continue to provide innovative, quality products from a company of proven trust.

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Champion Premium Home Siding. Quality, performance, and value are the hallmarks of Champion siding for homes. Modern materials and manufacturing processes ensure vibrant, long-lasting color and year-round performance with virtually no maintenance.

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- The cost of the siding material as well as the transportation to the residential home - Labor for removal of any existing siding as well as preparation of the house for installation - Actual installation of the siding, finishing, & clean up.

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The low cost, ease of installation and the low maintenance required for the upkeep of this type of siding makes it one of ... Vinyl and Polymer Shakes Siding - Rough Split Shakes - SevenTrust 4 Jun 2012 ...

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While vinyl siding and polymer siding are popular siding material options, many homeowners are unaware of the material’s risks and vinyl’s higher cost ownership. While vinyl and polymer-sided homes are protected in normal weather conditions, these materials are very fragile in hot weather.

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It isn’t a siding itself so much as it is a coating for existing siding. It can be applied to any surface, but may not be suitable for wood as it won’t let the wood breathe. Cost: about $3.00 to $6.00 per square foot installed

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We offer SEAMLESS Polymer Siding to go from one corner of your home to the other without any seams or gaps. Other companies may boast Seamless but when you get down to it, the most they can do is a 29’ section.

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Home ? Application ? cost of wood-polymer composite siding. Product List + Application - 2 ft fence panels - 2×6 plastic boards ... how to install composite ... The table below summarizes the average 2013 cost to install Composite Siding in your area for good, ...

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Everlast’s innovative triple-composite process yields the most advanced siding material in the industry. Wood, vinyl, fiber cement, and other composites are no match because, despite costly required maintenance, you'll find these alternatives still fade and deteriorate over time.

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LP SmartSide? is the new high-end siding of choice here in Minnesota. It used to be stucco, but moisture intrusion problems with stucco siding made many high-end home builders start using James ...

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The cost of the product alone can be 3 or 4 times the cost of FC. Installation of FC is more labor intensive so when you include labor the cost comes down to only about 50% more. If you are planning on painting your FC - which is not at all necessary - Everlast's price would only be about 25% more.