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Even the slightest change in vertical or horizontal position of the hinge post will result in an exponential movement of the latch hasp on the gate. Bottom line, your gate won’t latch because the latch hasp does not align with the latch receiver on the gate post.

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Treating any cut ends of the fence posts with a brush-on wood preservative is an excellent idea, as is treating the portion of the post that will be submerged beneath the soil. If you do use pressure treated lumber, be sure to purchase "ground contact" rated material.

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“Most pressure-treated pine works well in wet environments,” says Tim. For humid climates like Georgia, pressure-treated pine will hold up longer than cedar. Cedar is better for dryer climates because the lack of moisture will keep the wood from rotting.

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Why you'll love it: Rust-Oleum Zinsser PermaWhite Exterior Paint resists moisture and mildew, helping protect wood against rot even in wet or humid environments.

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Wood fences require regular maintenance and occasional touch up to increase their longevity. When it comes to security, a wood fence is not the best choice because they can be easily broken to gain entrance into your yard.

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How to Paint a Wood Fence. In this Article: Readying Your Fence for Painting Painting with Brushes Using a Sprayer Community Q&A Painting a fence is necessary if you want to change the fence's color or if the current paint is chipping.

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wood - Mechanical Properties - Some materials, such as steel, have the same properties in all directions. They are called isotropic. Materials that do not have this characteristic are called anisotropic.

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Protect your wood fence from debris and moisture Branches, leaves, and other debris can fall and cause all kinds of damage to your wood fence, including rot. To make sure branches are not going to fall onto your fence in case of wind or ice, cut or trim branches out of the immediate area of the fence .

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It is a strong and sturdy wood, ideal for wet environments. It contains a chemical that naturally repels insects and is naturally resistant to rot. However, cypress may warp or bend if dried incorrectly.

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New Wood---Applying WR or WRP solution to the surface of unfinished wood by brushing or dipping is an effective treatrnent for siding and exterior millwork (doors, window sash, door and window frames, sills, moldings, and fascia), wood fencing, and lawn furniture.

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New wood flooring should be stacked inside the room for up to a week before installation to allow it to adjust to your home s indoor humidity level with plastic, cut the wood outside (it s an extremely dusty process) and if the estimate includes quarter round trim to cover gaps between the wood flooring and baseboards.

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The horizontal fence created that perfectly odd little “prison yard” space on the side. This picture must be from 2 years go, you can see that the gate is still the old short one. We’ve obviously only stained the front part of the fence too.