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Replacing a damaged porch column isn’t that hard, but proper safety precautions need to be taken to avoid injury or damage to the porch. To remove and replace a porch column: Attach a short 2”x 6” board to the end of a 4” x 4” post.

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Install z-bar flashing between porch frame and house (Image 1), allowing moisture to run away from house. Add 2x4 blocking for the porch floor to rest upon (Image 2). Add a ledger strip next to the house to allow the porch floor to be nailed to.

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For your project in zip code 98104 with these options, the cost to install carpet starts at $4.47-$6.23 per square foot. Your actual price will depend on job size, conditions, finish options you choose.

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Part Three of our complete series to teach you laying and installing laminate flooring yourself. This part focuses on installing the trim molding and how to choose the right transition strips and install them to complete your project.

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Good day . I am planning to install T&G fir flooring ( 3/4 x 3 1/2 " ) on my porch floor. I know it is high maintenance but I like the look as does the little woman.

Cost to build a porch. Prices for porch construction.

Porch flooring (decking costs) Pressure-treated Southern Yellow Pine decking is one of the cheapest and widely used options. Roughly estimated at $1.00 per square foot 1” x 6” boards will be a good option for low budget porch.

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Look at Home Depot or Lowes website under Porch Railing for examples. As I stated before, a cheap stick-built railing can run $10-25/LF. Metal railing is likely to run about $50-100/LF for materials alone, plus maybe $5-10/LF labor to install depending on current deck conditions (and hence ease of bolting down).

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on my front porch , there are 2 steps and I have vinyl siding to attach to or opposite side that has a post. Looking for an estimate and looking for install at earliest convenience. Andrea Staggs

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Robert Oliver has been in business for over 18yrs. We install carpet, vinyl plank, glue down or floating plank, repairs and laminate flooring , commercial or residentsRead more