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One-fourth of the cost of an electric energizer is included in the cost of 1,320 feet of fence, assuming that such a unit would be used to energize at least a mile of fence. If substituting polytape for polywire, the total will increase by about $40 because polytape costs about twice as much as polywire.

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It’s likely there’s a store near you that offers fence installation services from local, licensed and insured fence professionals. If you need a new fence, or want to replace your old one, let us do it for you!

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Homeowners nationwide pay an average of $541 to repair a wooden fence. Project costs usually range from $293 and $803 but can be as little as $150 or as much as $1,350. Staining, power washing, and maintaining your wood fence on a regular basis helps protect it from the elements and makes it last longer.

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Generally, if you want to build a fence on a common boundary with your neighbour, or upgrade an existing one, you can expect the neighbour to go halves on the bill for an "adequate" fence. That is, one that is "reasonably satisfactory" for the purpose it is intended to serve.

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Fences & Gates How to fix a picket fence Find out how to properly remove old pickets and replace them with new ones. 06:02 Bedroom How to assemble a wardrobe insert unit Learn how to assemble a shelf and drawer unit for a wardrobe.

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A great way to improve the ambience of your outdoor living spaces, a new fence can bring not only privacy but also nicely frame your property.

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How much does a pet friendly garden cost on a high-end budget? Luxury gardens for pets may include their own lounge chairs and certainly a proper allocated space that provides shade and shelter – and a bit of ‘pampering’.

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How much does a wooden fence cost? The ubiquitous symbol of a peaceful, middle-class suburban idyll, wooden picket fences are affordable, easy to install and repair, and can be painted to individual preference.

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An electric fence works by "educating" your animals so that they learn to associate touching the fence with receiving an unpleasant shock. This is the same principle as barbed wire, but it presents a much more powerful deterrent with very little danger of physical damage to your stock.

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How much does fencing cost? Fencing is typically charged on a per metre basis and could range from $60 to $1200 per metre. This figure will typically include labour for installation and the cost of materials.

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Buzz was very customer-focused, showing a willingness to work around problematic grade issues in replacing my wood privacy fence. In fact, of the 5 fence companies I solicited for bids, Buzz was the only one which was ultimately ready to actually build it.

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A simple wooden fence, made from low-grade radiata pine, is one of your cheapest options at around $100 per lineal metre for the finished fence. (As a guide, an average size section is around 60 lineal metres).

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Remove a fence post or concreted post fast and easy with half the time, work and dirt removal.


Pay a handyman to repair or replace the rotted fence post and at great expense watch them trample all over your backyard and destroy your beautiful plants. Replace the post yourself. Spend hours of back-breaking work digging, taking the fence apart, breaking up concrete.