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In Act 106 of 2008, the General Assembly established the RAC, whose members represent industry sectors that participate in the various aspects relating to building construction including building component design, construction, building code enforcement and local government representation.

City of Philadelphia

Amending Title 14 of The Philadelphia Code, entitled “Zoning and Planning,” by adding a new Section prohibiting the issuance of any permit for the construction of buildings, additions or roof decks, exceeding a certain height, on certain properties within the Point

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With no building codes for fiberglass roof decks and in the absence of specific directives within the building code, you are directed to revert to manufacturer specifications. In Philadelphia, often these fiberglass decks are not inspected and builders rely on young and inexperienced single trade applicators.

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1.5″ Type A Roof Deck Type A Roof Deck is 1.5" deep. Also known as narrow rib, this structural metal roof deck provides a wide support surface for various types of rigid insulation and roofing materials.

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This website is designed to provide an overview of the Philadelphia zoning process. While the information provided should not be construed as a substitute for legal counsel or a comprehensive review of the Philadelphia Zoning Code, it is a good place to start.

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Best Answer: You can find the Philadelphia building codes at the links below. You probably shouldn't get involved with a project that is setting your alarm bells off - if you put anything on paper and are not licensed, or you build anything and are not licensed, you run the risk of being sued if the structure fails.

City of Philadelphia

Amending Title 14 of The Philadelphia Code, entitled "Zoning and Planning," by providing for balconies, revising the requirements for roof decks, adding definitions, and making related changes, all under certain terms and conditions.

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Roof deck access structures (known as “pilot houses”) may extend above the maximum height allowed for the building (see below) if they only serve to enclose the access stairs and do not exceed 10 feet in height.

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Obtain permits for building a deck without submitting plans by meeting the Conditions and Design Limitations below. (Deviations will require submission of plans to the Department with your permit applications.)

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The Philadelphia Building Construction and Occupancy Code contains the local modifications to the adopted ICC codes. Please be aware that for plumbing-related items, Philadelphia currently uses the Philadelphia Plumbing Code and does not use the International Plumbing Code or the plumbing provisions of the International Residential Code.

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There’s an even nicer community space up on the building’s green roof, equipped with a pergola and plenty of comfy seats. 1900 Arch, 1900 Arch St., Philadelphia, Pa. 19103 [PMC Property Group ...

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If a roof appears to be in “good” condition, or is not that old (roughly less than 8-10 years for single plies and 12-15 years for built-up roofs; an infrared survey could be requested to determine if water penetratedthe roof system and if the

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Every few years a news story pops up about some building that has collapsed due to snow load on its flat roof. So when a homeowner thinks about adding a rooftop deck, scary images of these winter disasters should come to mind.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19102 EZ Deck Permit

? Deck shall not have a roof, walls, or stairs leading to grade. ? The area below the deck shall not be enclosed. ? A minimum distance of 3’- 0” shall be maintained from the deck to the rear property line or to the common driveway.

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Uniform Construction Code (UCC) Surcharges – A state fee is required to be added to each Building Permit fee. The total fee assessed for the permit is collected by the City and transmitted to the State Treasury as required by Pennsylvania Act 157 of 2006.State fee – $4.50 City fee – $3