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These utility fence panels have multiple uses on the farm as well as include hog pens, hog traps, dog pens, and many other farm and residential uses. One of the many uses for these welded wire panels is infill for deck railings and fences.

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Build a Fence or Trellis – “Court”-Yard Garden Project | The How Do ... Aug 2, 2011 ... Tips and techniques for building a custom fence or trellis using cedar 2x4 and galvanized cattle panel fencing.

DIY Fence Installation: Make Your Fence Hog-Tight

This will make a hog-tight fence, and if horses are necessarily placed in the field the fence will be much safer than the ordinary one made entirely of barbed wire.

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Build a hoop style chicken coop or chicken tractor using galvanize step and cattle pen panels to form the hoop. This design is sturdy, yet easy for one person to move. View detailed instructional photos from

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A hog will destroy any part of those light sheet metal feeders that are exposed and you will have to purchase a new on for every batch of piglets if you leave them where a hog has access to them. Hogs easy move railroad ties (I used them to line the fence to prevent them from rooting directly against the panels).

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It also appears that they are not using typical wire fencing, but instead panels which can actually make it easier on you as long as you have the spacing right. To attach those you can dado out a channel or simply attach to the wood members with a clip, big U shape staple, etc...

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Pound 5-foot metal T-posts into the ground every 34 inches (or equivalent to the width of the panels you are using) for the length of the trellis you wish to build. Pound a parallel row of T-posts into the ground 8 feet away from the first row.

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We use 16-foot wire hog panels in a lot of different ways on our small farm, but the best application so far has been the greenhouse my husband made with three of the panels.

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Hog panels are panels made out of thick galvanized steel, they are quite simple and easy to install and extremely durable. You can bend a hog panel to fit any shape of fence that you want.