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Space the drain pipes evenly along the deck floor, wedging the ends tightly against the short sides of the planter to keep soil out. Wedging the ends of the drain pipe against the planter will prevent potting mix from getting into the pipes.

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DAY-TO-DAY TIMELINE. Friday: Cut the boards and excavate the planter footings (Steps 1–3). Saturday: Level the base and build the planters and seat (Steps 4 and 5). Sunday: Cut the short planter's opening and trim the tall planter (Steps 6 and 7).

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"How to build this tall wooden planter -- it's 3 feet tall! Could easily be made taller." "How to Build a Tall Wooden Planter - might look smashing near the front door, or in the now-concretey area by the front walk."

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This planter is perfect on this two-tiered deck. The sunken sofa is rimmed with soft pink flower boxes that provide class and a light fragrance to enjoy while visiting or relaxing outside. Source: Bless My Weeds

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Rather than loading a tall planter with unnecessary soil, build a shelf inside. A bench is even easier to build than a planter. A platform that is 16 inches wide and 17 inches high will be comfortable for most people.

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Tiered Planter Plans. Tiered planter boxes allow garden collections of different herbs, leafy greens, or flowers. Add these to your small space patio or create some height on a deck.

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I actually grew to like my last planter box, but not enough to throw me off my original plan. So I gave it another shot and was able to nail it this time.

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A planter box is not difficult to make, but when it is well-built, actually adds to the beauty of the deck or patio. In this set of free woodworking plans, we take you through the building of a typical planter box.

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The first step of the project is to build the frame for the tall planter. Build the legs out of 2×2 lumber and the supports out of 2×4 lumber. Drill pocket holes at both ends of the supports and secure them to the legs using 2 1/2″ screws.

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How to Build a Planter: Simple DIY Woodworking Project. ... Use a band clamp and some thin wedges to hold the panels together, then drive deck screws through the upper corners of the planter [ 4 ].

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How to build a Tall Planter If you decide to take on this project I highly recommend you download the printable PDF to have with you. To do so head on over to where I have posted the full plans available for download for free!

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I looked at them and thought, I can build that as a solution to me wanting 1- a border for my deck and 2- flower boxe to plant more bushes and flowers.. This morning I googled “Building a 5 foot flower box” and ypu beautiful flower box with description of how to build as well as a list of supplies showed up.

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Fasten the parts with 2?-inch deck screws, as shown. Repeat to build the other end frame. ... Two tall 5/4x6 cedar legs straddle the planter box and hold the trellis ...

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The planter box goes in next and the lip of the box rests on the planter supports. It will recess about 1 1/2″ from the top leaving the perfect amount of room for plants! The wood planter isn’t actually the planter at all…it’s more like a sleeve that holds the pot up.