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Above-ground pools need to be placed on level ground or you will find yourself with an unnatural shallow end to your pool. Besides being unsightly, an improperly installed pool is unstable.

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Re: Leveling the Ground for Intex Ultra Frame Pool The styrofoam use is 3 part - comfort - alot easier to walk on, protection - protects the pool bottom from rocks, weeds and other nasties, insulation - insulates the pool from the cold ground.

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Above ground pool. Not on a level surface, 4 inches higher on one side. So far it's two years old, we are looking at a third season right now.

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There are many ways an above ground pool can be re-leveled. The course of action I would take would be determined by just how bad off the pool is. If the installation was done poorly in many other respects, not just the leveling, I would want to take the pool down and start over from scratch.

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The sand is there to provide a nice surface to feel good on the feet, not puncture the pool, not stress the liner, and protect from the ground underneath puncturing/stressing. But too much sand takes on its own life: it is able to move and carry the pool (at the extreme).

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An above-ground swimming pool give your family an inexpensive and easy way to cool off in the summer heat. However, if the ground under your pool is more than 1 inch higher on one side than the opposite side, water could slosh out of the pool, and the pool walls could weaken and become prone to collapse, which might cause serious injury.

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Be it an in-ground or above-ground pool. I guess the cost is the major drawback but if you think of the privacy, comfort and the cleanliness of the water compared to a public pool, it’s worth it. Private pools, be it in-ground or above-ground is way better than public pools.

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After a little price-shopping, calculation, and research, we opted to buy an above-ground pool. A big expense in purchasing from a pool store/service is the site preparation and leveling. We decided to save money and tackle it ourselves.

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Re-leveling an Above Ground Pool. by cmc (Michigan) The pool has been up for a while and the pool sides are no longer level (high spots, low spots) .

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My pool installer just finish installing my pool. During the process I notice he lay sand on ground with grass sticking up. He state to me that the earth below is very hard and that he will not have to dig down and just put sand down for leveling.

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It’s true that concrete sand is an excellent choice for creating a level surface beneath an above-ground pool, but the particle size of the sand may be bigger, resulting in the chance for voids. If you’re still unsure of which sand you want to use for your swimming pool project we recommend speaking with a local expert, such as Braen Supply.

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Thank you for the article. We are new to pools and gave us good info. We bought a house on the river which came with a above ground pool. The floor of the deck is level with the top of the pool.

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A vinyl liner pool won't look like a pool at all - the steel frame that becomes the walls of your pool show up in pieces and is bolted together as soon as they're in the hole. A concrete pool needs a solid backbone first if it's going to hold the cement.

Using a Transit or a Site Level to Build an Inground Pool

Pool Layout: The pool needs to sit above the surrounding ground, so that storm waters run around it, and so that if the pool were to overflow, it would run-off the property. Use the transit to establish a benchmark for the height of the pool deck, at the pool wall.