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27 Great Privacy Fence Ideas and Designs (PICTURES)

Fence Designs for Front Yard and Backyard include Horizontal, Lattice Top, Brick and Metal Styles & Much More. HomeStyleCentral.com Here’s 27 terrific examples of privacy fence ideas for the front yard and backyard.

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Cedar privacy fence styles have different top edges including dog ear, convex scallop, concave scallop and lattice top. Zachary vinyl full privacy fence Vinyl privacy fence is made in the Zachary style – a tongue and groove privacy fence with different top edges including straight, accented bar, or lattice top.

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Modern Fence Styles By dwingo on November 17, 2017 in Fence Installation and Repairs There are various reasons why people put up fences in their homes, whether that be for control of nuisance activities, decoration, privacy or a combination of the mentioned reasons.

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Types of Vinyl Fence If you’re thinking about installing a fence, you’ll need to decide on the type of fence. Whether you want to add a decorative landscape accent, define the perimeter of your property or provide a safe enclosure for your family and pets, CertainTeed offers a many types of fence under the Bufftech brand designed to suit ...

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A wood privacy fence is a great way to protect your home and family, especially if you have children or animals. Children can play without fear that they will wonder off or that someone will harm them, and you can keep animals without worrying whether or not they’ll run off.

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With so many fence styles available today, it can be hard for homeowners to choose the one that best fits their property and needs. Fences generally fall into three categories: privacy, functional ...

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A Wyngate style fence allows partial visibility while still maintaining a high level of privacy. This style is achieved by carefully spacing the boards so that the gap on either side is covered by the board on the reverse side.

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One of the most popular types is the vinyl privacy fence, which is used primarily for blocking the view of neighbors and passers-by. These fences are particularly popular choices for enclosing things like swimming pools that might attract trespassers.

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The fence in this picture gives more privacy than some lattice styles do. For added privacy, grow a vine up your lattice, using it as if it were a trellis. In this next two fence pictures, you'll see a different lattice pattern.

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Fence Styles Long? Fence offers a wide selection of fence styles for any need.. Whether you want to add more privacy to your property, protect your children and pets, or add to the value of your home, we professionally design and install all styles of fence to meet your requirements.