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It was easier to position the tub edge on top of the tile than to remove the tile and set the edge on the subfloor. This technique works best if your existing tile floor is level. If you want to replace your floor tile, you should finish installing it before you put the tub in.

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If the pavers are over a concrete base and the base has decent thickness, say 4", I use a Red Head or similar system and strap to an eyebolt. I'd got by the local hardware and see what they say. If you're in FL it'll have to be anchored and grounded.

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70wood deck tiles were laid over existing without hacking old tiles. See below. Other customers like this one at an apartment in Dunman Road, she wanted their constantly sun-blasted balcony covered with cool and deckings that feel natural, but without creating a mess with hacking and the hassle of future maintenance.

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Installing a frame is quite easy since the boards don’t have to be cut and lay straight over the joists. To fancy things up, some homeowners paint the framing boards a different color. Final Deck Lumber Calculator Considerations


INSTALLATION GUIDE INSTALLATION GUIDE. 2 ... Installing Hot Tubs, Planters and Seating 6 ... the deck can be grounded. Consult with an electrician

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JM PVC Installation Guide Section 1 – Introduction This application guide describes standard procedures for installing Johns Manville (JM) PVC roofing systems and has

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One concern when installing metal over shingles is that over time, condensation can build on the shingles and cause the metal to rust. This will lead to rust around the panels, making them more likely to come loose in a storm.

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This set-up is dangerous because Radon gas would be vented directly over the head of anyone standing on the deck. You should treat the deck as the ground. The vent should be 10′ above it.

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Additional clearance is required if the wire is not supported on and cabled together with a grounded wire. Some jurisdictions prohibit service drops over pools. Bonding and grounding systems are often disconnected or missing.

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One of the most overlooked home renovations ideas is changing your front door color! The front door is something that you see up close everyday (most likely multiple times a day) and something that guests and passersby see frequently.

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If you plan to tile your backsplash, adding outlets is even easier than we show here. Just run the new cable through a channel in the drywall. Just run the new cable through a channel in the drywall. A channel is easier because you don’t have to empty out the cabinets or mess around with conduit, and the wall can be quickly patched.

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For a drywall finish, either a 1/2-inch-deep or a 5/8-inch-deep ring is appropriate; on walls slated to receive tile or paneling over drywall, rings of up to 1 1/2 inches deep are used. Boxes can be converted in the future from one use to another simply by swapping the plaster rings.

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I installed 12×12 tile over good dry “old” concrete slab. 2 days latter I was going to grout the tile and some of the tile were loose. I could slide tile around and pull back out of the adhesive.

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When you reach the walls and have to start cutting your vinyl tile to fit, simply line up an uncut tile perfectly with the one just below the open space. Place a second uncut tile over top of the open space (overlapping the tile you just placed below), make sure it is flush with the wall, then use the bottom to mark the tile beneath.

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Proper roof deck preparation is essential to simplify installa- tion and prevent future conditions that may lead to roof leaks. Carefully sweep all roof surfaces to remove all debris and dirt.