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What kind of wood should I use for a drop deck longboard?

By far, the most common wood used to construct any skateboard deck is Eastern Maple. Manufacturers are fairly specific when it comes to the wood used, generally preferring veneers cut from the lower section of the tree.

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Ok so before you can even make your longboard you are going to need to build a press. The press is what presses your wood sheets together, into a certain shape, to make a solid board.

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Skateboard and Longboard Maple. Marwood’s Rock Hard Maple ( Acer saccharum), which can be purchased HERE, is the most commonly used veneers for Longboard and Skateboard deck construction.

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With so many different longboard types, it’s tough to find the board that will work best for you. Longboarding styles and shapes are very diverse and not every board will work well for every skater.

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Arbor Axis 40 Flagship Longboard Deck Measures 40" ENKEEO 40 Inch Drop-Through Longboard Skateboard Complete for Carving Downhill Cruising Freestyle Riding. by ENKEEO.

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The deck of this longboard is 42 inches long and 9 inches wide; the whole item weighs about 8 pounds The deck is slightly concave The material of the deck is 9-ply maple wood which is laminated

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The Best Longboard Deck Plans Free Download. Longboard Deck Plans. Basically, anyone who is interested in building with wood can learn it successfully with the help of free woodworking plans which are found on the net.

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Board’s decks can be a single solid piece of wood, but longboard decks are usually made up of almost up to eleven (11) layers of plywood. The thickness of each layer is 2 millimeters. People use birch, bamboo, maple or oak wood for Decks.

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Longboard Deck Flexibility Longboards are made with various degrees of flexibility. Decks made of wood tend to be flexible, and decks made of composite material tend to be stiff.

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Why use a longboard? Longboards are simple, easy to use, and fun to ride. Perfect for college students, businessmen (@caseyneistat), and everyone in between, long-boarding provides a fun and efficient way to get from place to place.

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Longboard decks vary in size but most are between 7"-10" wide, and are made of seven-ply wood, bamboo, resin, carbon fiber, or plastic. Deciding which skateboard deck is best for you depends on what you will be skating and, of course, your personal brand preference.

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Wikipedia says Longboard decks are typically made from plywood anywhere from two to eleven layers of usually 2 millimetres (0.079 in) in thickness, composed of birch, bamboo, maple, koa, or oak wood.

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now take the blocks of wood off and use a rotor to make your wheel arches( the semi circle space cut away so that the wheel don't rubb in a carveing turn.) drill the holes for where you want your trucks to go( i would place the deck on two pieces of wood about the hieght that you'll ride it at and figure out the best flex point.)

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It is the common wood used today in longboard skateboards. Longboards that are built with all maple get fairly heavy, which is why some other, lighter woods are mixed with the plys by some manufacturers.

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Has thicker wood material, for better or for worse: you get a durable longboard deck, but some may feel it a tad heavier while skating. Though the ride is more stable, it comes at the cost of being more cumbersome in terms of portability.