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If you currently have a regular shingle roof, most realtors we know recommend upgrading to architectural shingles when it’s time for a roof replacement, because of the all-important curb-appeal boost it gives an older home.


install composite roof panels in accordance with appropriate elite master plan sheets & span tables add additional 10psf above and beyond normal design psf used in span charts. 2. SEAL ALL SEAMS WITH STRUCTURAL GRADE ADHESIVE SEALANT, AND CLEAN ROOF OF ANY DIRT, GREASE, WATER OR OIL.

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Terra Cotta Tile Roof. Making a Tuscan house even grander is s faded tile that looks as if a century old. Rounded terra cotta tiles facilitate the drainage of water.

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Typically, composite shake, shingle and slate are made from a compound of recycled materials and a mineral filler such as ground up limestone then mixed with proprietary plastic resins and colors. They give the same look of cedar shakes and slate tile and come with a 50-year maintenance free warranty.

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On average, a typical 2,000 square feet tile roof will cost between $25,000 and $45,000 to install, depending on the profile, roof difficulty, choice of material, and location. Note: higher-end clay tiles can cost significantly more than low-end and mid-range tiles.

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Roofing installation costs of composite shingles depend on a number of factors, including the complexity of the home’s roof as well as the roof’s pitch. For composite shingles, a roof with a pitch of 4/12-- that is, the roof rises 4 inches for every 12 inches in length-- is considered average.

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The minor home improvement contractor shall not perform structural work to any existing structures or appurtenances, including load bearing masonry or concrete work (with the exception of on-grade flat work), and load bearing carpentry work (with the exception of patio or porch covers).

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Vitrified tile composition allows for more temperate and colder climates to have clay tile on the roof. There are several specific types of tile grades on the market. Each tile falls within grades 1 to 3 in terms of water absorption and temperature cycle.

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Brava’s composite roof tiles vary in thickness from ?” to ?” creating desirable shadow lines that convince everyone to believe your home has real cedar roof shingles. With it’s dramatic and classic look, in combination with a 50-year limited warranty, it is clear that our polymer shake roof tile is a desirable and intelligent way to ...

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Getting a new roof can seem hopelessly complicated, but this step by step guide will take you through the process and answer all your questions.

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Allstate Roofing offers full-service roofing. We perform Phoenix roof repairs on all types of roofing, from popular tile roofs to traditional shingle roofs to commercial-grade foam roofs. We guarantee our work so you know that you can trust …

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For an affordable, high-quality, Houston roofing contractor call O&M Construction. Our team of certified roofing professionals is experienced in all types of roofing products and applications to ensure we meet all your roofing and roof repair needs.

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Suitable for cleaning mold, algae, mildew, lichen and any other organic stains off of Roofs (asphalt shingle, barrel tile or concrete tile), Siding (including Hardie Plank, Vinyl, Wood and Aluminum), Decks (Wood or Composite) and Fences (wood or vinyl).

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The Dell laptops, which will be RIDGID branded, are offered in four configurations - a military/contractor-grade rugged laptop, a fully rugged multi-touch tablet PC, a “business” rugged laptop and a laptop that provides all-day battery life.

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