what to do when fence is higher at bottom than ground

what to do when fence is higher at bottom than ground

when the ground in question has dips and rises not deeper or higher than a few inches, you can simply install the fence without being concerned with the uneven ground. This approach will result in an uneven gap along the bottom of the fence, but if the gap varies by only a few inches, the effect will not be noticeable, and you fill in any ...

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Apply high-quality exterior acrylic latex caulk, or silicone specifically designed to adhere to concrete, at the base of the post. If your cedar wooden fence posts are rotting at the bottom, you need to replace them.

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This board allows the fence itself to be up off of the soil while the base board holds the soil and closes off the gap at the bottom of the fence. Termites tend to avoid the treated board. In most cases, even if the board does decay it can be replaced more easily than your fence.

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Contractors will tell you that a 6-foot wood fence should have its posts buried 2 feet into the ground, but posts for an 8-foot fence should be buried 3 feet deep. Most use 4-by-4-inch lumber. Wood fences do not require permits in Los Angeles but, as a result of the 1994 Northridge earthquake, masonry fences and walls do.

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At the higher ground, keep the bottom rail either as close to the ground as possible, or even bury it down a few inches. This will help keep the gap on the bottom rail at the lower ground as minimal as possible.

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How do I carry the hot and ground past all the gates in my fence? The best way is to bury heavy-duty insulated cable in a trench about 10 inches deep. Make sure it's rated to 20,000 volts minimum or it may leak current with today's high-power energizers.

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If your spa or above ground pool is lower than 1200mm high from finished ground level. You will need to fully fence your spa or pool. Please refer to our Checklist so ensure that your pool complies with the new legislation.

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Even though vinyl fencing is stronger and more durable than wooden fence, it still needs to be set deep in the ground to avoid leaning later on. This is because of the type of soil we have here in Texas.

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In most cities it is required that if your pool is 52" or higher than the ground around your pool, than you won't need pool fence for above ground pools. The pool featured above was required to have fencing on half the pool because a portion of the bottom of the pool was in the ground slightly on one side.

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Fence construction usually isn't a complicated matter, but it can become a little more so when the ground is sloped. You can tackle the problem of sloped ground with two different designs. In a ...

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Most situations call for a picket fence that is 2 to 5 inches off the ground. However, it's important to pay attention to the environment around the fence line, and if necessary, position the fence a couple of inches higher.

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The maximum total height you can go to is 2m which will include any fencing, posts, trellis etc. If you want to go any higher than this with the panels or the posts you will need to apply for planning permission even if you raise the patio.

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But now the dirt level is so high soil is up against our fence covering 6-8" of it vertically all around the yard. I'm worried about moisture damage over time. The fence is redwood, and while it's pre-treated, that's a lot of dirt sitting up against it.

Fence heights when your land is higher than your neighbours?

The land of my back garden is about somewhere between 3 & 4ft higher than my neighbours. I'm thinking about replacing the old. fence with new 6ft panels which will need to stand on a supporting wall to hold the soil back.

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Trimming fence bottoms on uneven ground ... cutting a little higher than may be esthetically acceptible. ... one of the installers to trim the bottom of the fence. He ...