using landscaping timber for fence posts

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Installing wood posts with or without concrete is more labor intensive and time consuming than installing the same number of "Tee" posts. I think the cost of a wood post plus concrete will be pretty close to a "Tee" post.

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In putting up my new horse pasture I am using 6" round posts for the corners and braces, and then t-posts the rest of the way with every third post being wood. I am thinking of using landscape timbers for these inline wood posts.

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Most fence posts are treated, and landscape timbers are as well. I used the 3 x 5 timbers in my wood fence many years ago, when they were still 3x5 instead of the 2.5x4.5s they have now. They lasted 4-6 years - in my opinion, not enough time to just

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I have used landscape timbers for posts many times. Currently have about 45-50 of them in the ground now as fence posts. There are different methods of treatment for wood to be used outdoors.

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One of the most economical materials for such a fence is landscape timbers. Often used as posts for many different styles of fencing, they are versatile enough to serve as fence railings as well. Notching the posts and rails is the secret to make a fence out of landscape timbers.

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Landscape timbers aren't recommended to build your fence because most of them are not made to support loads or to be in contact with the ground.

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Re: landscape timbers/fence post in reply to ric1, 03-03-2007 03:33:11 My opinion is they are a bit thin to use for fencing in livestock. They also rot in the ground quicker than a thicker post.

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If you're using timbers for edging or to build walls for a raised bed for flowers or vegetables, it's easy to create a two-timber-high stack with simple materials. You'll need basic tools such as mason's line, your timbers (6 feet long is a standard size), 10" ground spikes, garden mesh barrier, a sledgehammer, safety goggles and gardening ...

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Landscape timbers don't work well as fence posts, especially untreated lumber, but the flat sides stack together easily for use in place of split rails in making a snake-style fence, commonly ...

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Landscape timbers cost less or a lot less than regular fencing posts if you find a great deal, so it’s not a surprise that some landowners think of using them as actual posts.

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Timberworks Jack Rail Fencing is manufactured using our special "shearing process" gives the post and rails a unique rustic appeal. The rails are 9 foot in length, posts are 5-1/2" x 5-1/2" in diameter.

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The previous homeowners of my house put up a NEW fence with landscape timbers before putting it on the market. Within 5 years, I had replaced ALL of the timbers with real fence posts. Most of the timbers were only set 6-8" deep and simply rotted off.

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10 Garden Fence Ideas to Make Your Green Space More Beautiful Tags: garden fence decoration, rustic garden fence, cheap garden fence, rabbit garden fence A post is usually the most important part of a fence as it provides the structural stability for the rest of the fence.

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We have a fence that the untreated landscaping timbers were used as fence posts. The fence has been in for over 10 yrs and only one of the posts have had any trouble. Termites got it, not rot.

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Regardless of whether you're using the post for a fence or a mailbox, remember that water is the enemy. The best way to keep your post from rotting itself out of the ground is to sink it in cement.