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Solar water heater on a rooftop in Jerusalem In the 1950s there was a fuel shortage in the new Israeli state, and the government forbade heating water between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. As the situation worsened, engineer Levi Yissar proposed that instead of the construction of more electrical generation plants, homes should switch to solar water heaters.

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Here we break down over 24 of the most popular areas, highlighting the stuff you really care about (like rent, vibe, transportation, bars, restaurants, and what the burrito scene looks like) so ...

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Las Casas de la Juderia in the old Jewish quarter is a cluster of 27 interconnected town houses linked by mustard and green coloured courtyards. Musical Theme La Casa del Maestro was once the home of Spansih guitar maestro Ni?o Ricardo and is now run as an 11 bedroom hotel by his family.

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1 Hotel South Beach – Located on the oceanfront, the historic 1 Hotel South Beach is famous for its world-class hospitality and a range of avant-garde facilities, including an adult-only exclusive rooftop swimming pool, a private beach area, and a fantastic spa and wellness center. In-room dining is possible 24 hours a day.

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Flatbush is a neighborhood in the New York City borough of Brooklyn.Founded in 1651 by Dutch colonists, the neighborhood, which consists of several subsections, had a population of 110,875 as of the 2010 United States Census.

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Kahn was a German-Jewish banker like Warburg, but after his death, the house was sold to the Convent of the Sacred Heart, who still use the building as a Catholic girl’s school today.

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Most houses had shaded rooftop areas where the women gathered A passionate love affair One evening she was washing her body after her monthly menstrual cycle – this tells you she wasn’t pregnant at the time.

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Chicago's eastern boundary is formed by Lake Michigan, and the city is divided by the Chicago River into three geographic sections: the North Side, the South Side and the West Side. These sections ...

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In the 1930s, as the Jewish population moved into areas north of Fifth Street, many members of Beth Jacob broke away and organized a Conservative congregation. Jacob Joseph of Miami Beach subsequently became the Miami Beach Community Center in the 1940s, and, finally, in 1954, Temple Emanu-El.

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Southern Brooklyn has seen an increase in real estate, spurring beautiful new mansions and smaller condominium complexes, unlike the big high rises found in other areas of the city. Kensington, right near the heavily Jewish Borough Park, has a new exciting building to look out for at 264 Webster, where there will be a 63-unit condo.

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Topping houses with elements that merge style with sustainable functionality is a growing practice among architects. Green roofs absorb water and heat, while offering unexpected garden vistas.

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History The city’s history dates to 1838, when Jeremiah Leeds, who was not Jewish, built the first permanent dwelling in the area. In 1870, a boardwalk was constructed to prevent sand from being tracked into trains and hotels.


Jewish colonies in the Old City . Israeli colonists are infiltrating the Old City, changing the demographic mix by buying property wherever they can and setting up Jewish outposts in Christian and Muslim areas, which they access through rooftop pathways to avoid meeting the residents they are harassing.

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The Best of Jerusalem. Villa Brown a luxury boutique hotel in Jerusalem sits at the crossroads of downtown Jerusalem in one of the oldest areas of the modern city, where the secular, cosmopolitan side of the city meets the historical and religious.

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The storm made landfall around 9 a.m. on Sunday morning in the Florida Keys, and as of Monday morning, Rabbi Yaakov Zucker, co-director of Chabad Jewish Center of the Florida Keys with his wife, Chanie, still wasn’t able to reach those members of his community in Key West who hadn’t evacuated.

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Also known as the Roman Ghetto or the Ghetto of Rome, this area is one of the oldest and the most culturally rich neighborhoods in the city. Established in 1555 when Pope Paul IV forced all the Jews in the city to move to this area, the Jewish Ghetto is home to the most sacred edifice in the quarter, the Synagogue of Rome.