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I would get the result by demanding the discriminant of the resulting quadratic equation in being strictly greater than zero, but not in the exceptional case that the discriminant is exactly zero. Any suggestions in avoiding this problem would be greatly appreciated.

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The Rectangle Area Calculator will calculate the area of a rectangle if you enter in the length and width of a rectangle. All you have to do to instantly calculate rectangle area is just enter in the rectangle length and rectangle height into the fields below and press calculate.

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The Break Even Equation The total cost of an item line is equal to the sum of fixed costs and variable costs. The total revenue for an item equals the quantity sold times the price per item.

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A generic calculator - use metric values based on m or mm, or imperial values based on inches. Default typical values are in metric mm. q - Uniform load (N/m, N/mm, lb/in)

two zeros of cubic polynomial ax^3+3x^2-bx-6 are -1 and -2 ...

chem An element has ccp packing with a face-centered cubic unit cell. Its density is 1540 kg/m3 and the unit cell volume is 1.73 x 10-22 cm3. Calculate the molar mass (g/mol) of the element to three significant figures.

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Recall that the quadratic formula to solve the quadratic equation ax2 a. x2 d. x2 g. 2p2 i. 2x(x bx 4x 5x 3p c 8 4 5 0, x 0 0 0 2)(x C is x b. 3y2 e. 2x2 h. x2 3) b 4ac c.

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In order to solve quadratic equations involving maximums and minimums for and solve an equation for a word problem know how to graph quadratic equationsSuppose a farmer has yards of fencing to enclose a rectangular field.

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5. Centroid of an Area by Integration. by M. Bourne. Typical (straight sided) Problem. In tilt-slab construction, we have a concrete wall (with doors and windows cut out) which we need to raise into position.

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Quadratic_equation Ohanian 06:06, 2 May 2006 (UTC) Yes, this is a slightly more explicit version of the first response, by Notinasnaid . It does assume that we know how to solve a quadratic equation.

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Weather. Above Sea Level Barometer Reading Correction Calculator ; Absolute Humidity to Relative Humidity Calculator; AC Unit Operating Cost Calculator

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Math and Arithmetic Questions. Go. science math history literature technology health law business All Sections. ... 84 is an even composite number composed of three prime numbersmultiplied together.

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An equation that is true for some values of the variable, but false for others. Ex) x= -3/2

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1: Traditionally, boats have been built with numerous separate composite components (hull, stringers, floor, liner, deck, center Outsourced prefabricated composite grid structures (inset photo, shown in miniature) are an In response, boatbuilding suppliers have taken on some of the digitally driven manufacturing tasks.