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After you install flashing against the house, you mount waterproof flexible or rigid materials to the deck joists to carry rainwater to a standard gutter and downspout along the edge of your deck.

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How to Waterproof Deck Joists. Why worry about waterproofing? To maximize the life of a deck, we want to protect it from water infiltration. Water can rot the joists and compromise the integrity of your deck.

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Deck Waterproofing Solutions. ... Think of the utility you will gain by covering that area with a waterproof deck surface above your head and ... Fixing Bowed Joists.

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Figure 4. Flashing the tops of joists with peel-and-stick membrane protects them from water and seals penetrations from decking screws. Another advantage of the peel-and-stick flashing is that it seals around the decking screws, keeping the screw holes from taking on water over time as the framing expands and contracts.

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Install the joist gutters onto the end of the edge beam supporting the deck, and caulk them where they are attached to the outer edge with acrylic sealant. The boundary gutters will be placed at the two outermost edges of the deck.

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The only reason to cover Joists is because the individual was too cheap to buy treated joists to begin with or the deck was built before treated wood, in which case the framing should all be replaced because the non-treated joists will not hold a nail or screw because they are too soft due to years of moisture.

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JoistTape Self-Adhesive Joist Barrier Tape adheres to the top-side of deck joists prior to installing deck boards. Also for use around deck support posts as well as over ledger boards. This self-adhesive joist barrier tape is a malleable polyethylene water-resistant lumber flashing material, utilizing a rubberized asphalt mastic adhesive.

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Deck Joist Waterproofing There are a number of shield barrier products available to wrap your pressure-treated deck framing materials to prevent water damage and hardware corrosion. Most of these products are sold as rolls of self-adhesive peel-and-stick flashing tape.

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When this tape is applied to the top of decking joists, over ledger boards, and around support posts, it creates a waterproof seal that helps stop decay and wood rot. Rot is caused by moisture that stays in contact with treated and untreated lumber deck framing and the above decking material.

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The ideal amount of space is 4-5/8” inches (from the threshold to the top of the joist, this allows room for using 3/4” plywood, waterproof membrane, crisscross 2” x 4” pressure treated sleeper system and your Aeratis boards).

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Deck joists last longer if you protect them from rot. The same statement applies to all structural framing members in your house, but most of them aren't as exposed to moisture as deck joists.

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Deck Joists 101. Deck joists are boards usually made out of pressure treated lumber. These boards come in standard sizes (2×6, 2×8, and 2×10) and are a crucial element in the structural stability of your deck.