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Walk to the next corner and, using a wire stretcher (available at most hardware stores), tighten the line, then staple it to the post there. Next, fasten the wire to each intermediate post.

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Similarly, if you do not provide sufficient tension when stretching the run of wire, time, gravity, and the weight of the wire itself will cause the fence to sag. Use fence stretchers, not just a tractor or truck to stretch wire.

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How to stretch a chain link fence with items you already have at home.

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If you notice your woven wire fence is becoming slack or is not as taught as when originally installed, reinforce the tension with this Pajik fence puller. Easy to use by attaching to your truck or tractor, this fence puller can be used on woven wire and goat fencing.

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Constructing a woven or welded-wire fence to contain pets or to protect your garden is a satisfying and inexpensive landscaping project. Once the fence posts are secured and in place, installing the wire-mesh infill material is simple.

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Make the homemade stretcher as mentioned and use a chain or cable attached 1/4 of the way from the top and bottom of the stretcher then use your come along anchored to another chain that is hooked to a braked vehicle or a tree.

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If you own cows, you’re guaranteed a lifetime of learning to become a professional fence stretcher. Just when you think you have a reasonably tight barbed wire fence, it’s sure bet that the cows are out there busily trying to figure out how to loosen it up again.

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Make sure that all fence posts are firm and secure. Ends and corner posts should be set in concrete for most stability. If the fence posts are not set properly, the fence will buckle as the fence posts loosen, requiring fences to be tightened again later.

36 in. Galvanized Steel Hook Stretcher Bar with 3 Hooks

The YARDGARD 36 in. galvanized steel hook stretcher bar with 3 hooks is essential when dealing with chain link fencing fabric that is just short of your length needs. Made of galvanized steel, this 3-pronged stretcher bar is used to stretch chain link fence fabric so it can be attached to the terminal post brace bands.

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The American FarmWorks Woven Wire Fence Stretcher has a U-channel that holds the wire fence firmly. This fence stretcher allows the fence to be pulled evenly and tightly.

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Let wire stretchers from Agri Supply make the job of installing or maintaining a fence much easier. We carry barb wire stretchers and all the other wire fencing tools you'll need. Find woven wire stretchers, as well as a handy 3 point wire fence stretcher/unroller that lets one person do the work of an entire crew.

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A wire mesh fence is an inexpensive fencing material that needs to be stretched in order to be installed to a fence post. Below are the materials that you will need along with the procedures on how to stretch a wire mesh fence. Cut 2 pieces of 2 by 4 wood planks. These will serve as your stretchers ...


In this video I basically walk you through the steps so you can make your own fence stretcher for your homestead. A great DIY project and a great way to add another tool to the homestead arsenal =)

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Whatever material you’re going to use as your stretcher, you have to make sure that they are cut according to the height of your fence. Install the wire mesh to your stretchers. Depending on the material you choose to use for your stretcher, bolt the wire mesh in place.