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Home FENCE TYPES CentaurHTP Wire FARMS BUILT Jonabel Shadwell Kentuckiana Rood & Riddle Raceland INFORMATION Fence Information Contact Us: There are a few different types of board fence, but the mainstay of horse farms is either 3 or 4 board.

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Wood 3- or 4-rail horse fencing is a traditional horse fencing choice that is attractive and sturdy. Boards can splinter and injure horses that lean or run through the fence. Also, some horses insist on chewing or “cribbing” the boards and causing damage.

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Welded Wire verses Woven Wire; The pictures to the right show a board fence with 2x4 welded wire attached to the back side verses a board fence with 2x4 “ no climb” woven horse wire (far right). Woven Horse Wire cost about 30% more than welded wire, but is worth the extra expense because of it's exceptional strength.

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Horse Fencing Prices Horse fencing averages between $2,075 and $2,230 , including labor and materials. The total costs to install a fence can be as little as $1,675 or as much as $2,435 , depending on the type of fence chosen.

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Cost can add up quickly, especially if you’re a novice and have never attempted a Board On Board Fence installation before. I would strongly recommend you hire a licensed and Insured fence contractor to perform the installation for you.

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Because wastage on rail fences is a lot more, material cost per SF will be more, but a lot less need to be careful about overspray and of course there are less SF per LF of fence - say about 3SF/LF if 1x6 boards on 8 foot spacing with 4" posts.

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The good horse fence contractors can put up more than a 1/2 a mile a day. Material cost for 3 board oak on 4X6 posts with the standard 8' spacing runs around $3-4 a foot. When I have paid to have it done that last time being 5+ years ago it ran about $6 per foot if memory serves.

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A post-and-board fence using treated lumber will cost between $2 and $4 a foot, including posts and fasteners, depending on the number and type boards used. Wood gets more expensive when it has to be shipped to far-flung locations like the Northwest, where spruce and other softwoods not appropriate for horse fencing grow.

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The four-board fence will be stronger and will cost more per lineal foot then the three-board fence. At ProFence we only use three kinds of boards—oak, treated southern yellow pine, and hemlock—all of which have about a 15-year maintenance-free life expectancy.

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Even in a contemporary suburban setting, a classic, white three- or four-board fence evokes the stately elegance of a horse farm or the welcoming, down-home feel of a farmhouse fence bordering a country lane.