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? When installing decking, support joists should be no more than 16” on center when installing deck boards perpendicular to the joists. ? Maintain 1/8” gap between deck boards up to 4” in width and ?” for deck boards over 4” in width.

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Skidguard Plywood --- SKIDGUARD APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS Maximum Spans: Regular Skidguard can be applied directly over framing. It is for flat installations only, and no sub-flooring is required.

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Title: Application of Spray Foam Insulation Under Plywood and OSB Roof Sheathing (Fact Sheet), Building America Case Study: Technology Solutions for New and Existing Homes, Building Technologies Office (BTO)

BA-1312: Application of Spray Foam Insulation Under Plywood ...

Unvented roof strategies with open-cell and closed-cell spray polyurethane foam insulation sprayed to the underside of roof sheathing have been used since the mid-1990's to provide durable and efficient building enclosures.

Application of Spray Foam Insulation Under Plywood and OSB ...

In addition to the air-permeable insulation installed directly below the structural sheathing, rigid board or sheet insulation shall be installed directly above the structural roof sheathing as specified in Table R806.5 for condensation control.

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Auralex also now makes a sheet that could possibly be mounted directly to a wall without any weight. If you are going to hang your 6'X6' platform on a wall like a picture then I would say the auralex sheet is the way to go.

Radiant Barrier Decking - Do It Yourself w/ RadiantGUARD?

Radiant barrier plywood can easily be made yourself by simply stapling our Ultima-FOIL directly to the OSB or plywood decking during a new roof construction. Many building supply companies offer a plywood or OSB (oriented strand board) sheathing product with a radiant barrier already laminated to one side of the board.

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Can EPDM be bonded directly over asphalt, tar, shingles, asphalt rolled roofing or felt paper? No, the oils in pertroleum based products will cause EPDM to swell and fail. EPDM should be bonded over 5/8" plywood, 5/8" OSB board, or polyisocyanurate board with a fiberglass backing.

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When using plywood, nail it directly to the purlins, and screw the metal roofing panels through the plywood into the purlins as instructed by the manufacturer. In this installation, the vapor barrier is installed on the side of the insulation nearest the interior of the building.

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Windswept and made to be sun-drenched, the light warmth of Mojave TruOrganics? Composite Decking brings a special brand of desert serenity. Delicately sand-colored planks create a feeling of expansiveness and calm -- the perfect setting to fall into silence and recharge.

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Tuf-Tred Skidguard Plywood --- TUF-TRED SKIDGUARD APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS Installation: Apply Tuf-Tred Skidguard directly over framing. Install flat – do not crown the panel.