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D A T A FILE Construction Practices for Wood I-Joist Floor Vibration Retrofit INTRODUCTION Floor vibration is the natural result of dynamic forces acting upon a floor system, caused by something as simple as people

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The Staple-up system is the most common way to add radiant to any structure, new or old. With the staple-up system, aluminum heat emission fins are used to hold the radiant heating tubing up against the bottom of the sub-floor.

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Insulation to suspended floor, thin joists, membrane below. Detail to show floor insulation, laid between floor joists, to insulate a suspended ground floor.

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A little while ago, we looked at a deep energy retrofit striving for Passive House certification by thickening the walls with I-joists, screwed to the outside. Turns out, they also thickened the roof.

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Seismic Retrofitting Basics. The horizontal (or lateral) motion in earthquakes create the forces that can be damaging to our wood framed homes. Homes tend to fail in one of three ways - all between the foundation and the first floor joists.

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Retrofit joists Issue 50 If you’ve ever had to beef up a pier-and-beam floor with some additional joists tucked between the subfloor and the beams, you know it can be difficult work in a space where it’s tough to maneuver tools and materials.

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This page depicts how Under-Floor Heating works with the Preassembled Boiler Room in a Box?. Under floor heating is usually installed where you have access to the floor joists of a retrofit or new home.

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Add radiant heat to existing floors with RetroHeat's thin film heating panels. The heating element is stapled up between the floor joists and then insulation is placed over it to efficiently direct the heat up to warm existing floors with luxurious radiant heat.

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A retrofit contractor bolted a new mudsill to the side of the foundation and connected it to floor with plywood Here is a complete system with a new mudsill bolted to the side of the foundation. This along with the shear transfer ties work together to keep the floor from moving.

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The joists shown here, for example, span 12 ft., so we added rows of bridging 4 ft. from both ends of the span. Various types of metal bridging are available at home centers and lumberyards. To install the type shown here, drive the toothed end into the joist and nail the other end.

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Screwing I-joists to the outside of a wall—really—makes a lot more room for insulation on a deep energy retrofit in NW Connecticut OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT: Passive House certification is like a badge of honor for designers and builders.

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Retrofit I-Joist Pricing & Sizing Table. Structure Lock is committed to providing high quality products at a great value.

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Framing a roof with I-joists over the existing roof makes a ton of room for insulation and offers a short lesson in vapor movement through assemblies A little while ago, we looked at a deep energy retrofit striving for Passive House certification by thickening the walls with I-joists, screwed to the outside.


Straps to connect the existing floor framing beams and joists together and ... retrofit is open to the exterior along a substantial length of the perimeter.

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The retrofit starts with aluminum tracks screwed between the joists, which hold PEX (cross-linked polyethylene) tubing carrying hot water. "Plastic like PEX is not a good transfer medium," says Richard.

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