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Types of Wood and Their Costs. The type of wood you choose to create the crossbeams will influence the total cost of the project. If you want to save money, you might use a synthetic material instead of wood.

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Cost To Install A Plank Ceiling - 2013,By Gene and Katie Hamilton . A laminate wood plank ceiling creates a striking look in any room and can transform it from ordinary to extraordinary.

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Typical Roof Repair Cost. $200 - $1500. Roof Repair cost varies greatly on your particular problem and the complexity of this problem as well as material type and many other factors.

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It will cost about $1,000-$1,700 to install an acoustic ceiling system in an average 12'x14' room. Most contractors will charge between $2 and $5 per square foot for labor. A modest set of 12, 2x2 tiles can cost from $25-$40 .

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WoodTrac ceilings average $4.00 per square foot for materials (includes panels, clips, moldings) but cost will vary depending on the room size, room configuration; whether you have an existing suspended ceiling or whether you install it yourself.

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How much a drop ceiling should cost. Average costs and comments from CostHelper's team of professional journalists and community of users. A do-it-yourself drop ceiling in an average room requires about $300-$400 in materials (depending on the ceiling tiles chosen) and around two days of work, according to

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Figures how much it cost to paint a ceiling for 2018 with options and variables for dimensions, ceiling height and the number of coats being painted. Gives a labor and material breakdown with prices ranging from low to high amounts with average costs per square foot for each.

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For a basic project in zip code 47474 with 120 square feet, the cost to Frame a Ceiling starts at $3.57 - $6.09 per square foot*. Actual costs will depend on job size, conditions, size options.

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The homewyse Plank Ceiling cost estimates do not include costs for ceiling modifications or removal and disposal of existing ceiling material. The homewyse cost estimates include all typical costs for delivery, unpackaging, installation, fabrication and fitment of ceiling components.

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It is easy to personalize the look of a coffered ceiling to reflect individual aesthetic tastes as well as a room's decor through different wood types, finishes, and paint colors or effects. At a cost of approximately $25 per square foot , coffered ceilings cost more than traditional drywall but also add value to a home by giving it an upscale ...

How Much Do Trusses Cost? - An Approximate Guide

One study showed that trusses installed in Boston cost an average of $3.87 per square foot of building area, while the same trusses in New York City cost $4.42. In Raleigh, they cost $2.59 per square foot of building area.

FAQ’s About Faux Wood Beams? | Cost, Ordering, Shipping, Etc.

The majority of customers install their wood ceiling beams with a spacing somewhere between 2 feet and 8 feet. Four-foot spacing is the most common, however. These pictures may help give you a visual reference for when you install your own ceiling beams.

How Much Does It Cost To Remove Popcorn Ceilings?

Cost To Remove Popcorn Ceilings In general, contractors charge per square foot for removal of popcorn ceilings. On average, the cost is between $1/sf and $2/sf, with the average homeowner spending around $1,565 to remove the outdated and possibly cracked texture from the ceiling.

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How to Install Wood Paneling on the Ceiling. ... basements and recreation rooms because of their low cost and excellent ... Plank Paneling on Ceiling. Installing a wooden ceiling over your old plaster or drywall ceiling will dramatically transform any room. ...

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How much does it cost to install a suspended acoustic ceiling? According to, the cost of a new suspended acoustic ceiling 1 for a 10'x12' room is between $50 and $200 in materials.