the truth about bamboo flooring

The truth about bamboo flooring - is it eco-friendly?

Bamboo Floors VS Other Woods – Regrowth. Eucalyptus and bamboo flooring are significantly more sustainable than hardwoods simply due to their rapid regrowth.

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Common Misconceptions about Bamboo Flooring By James S on August 15, 2013 ? ( 0 ) When it comes to home building and decorating, choosing the floors is one of the most important decisions you’ll probably make, because your choice will be in your house for years to come.

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Since bamboo is a plant rather than a tree some people may think that bamboo flooring lacks resiliency or is easily marked and scuffed but in actual fact nothing could be further from the truth. The Japanese use bamboo to construct their industrial scaffolding so standing up to traffic in the average home is something that bamboo flooring lends ...

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Bamboozle bamboo flooring is exclusively available from Lifewood. Visit the Lifewood family in the award-winning timber flooring showroom in Perth, to experience and visualise how an amazing floor can transform your life. We aim to make buying bamboo and timber floors easy, enjoyable and convenient - all you have to do is

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That is not necessarily the whole truth any more. As with anything else on the market, further development and advancements in production make some bamboo flooring even better than hardwood quality.

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Bamboo is not real hardwood. It is a grass. Because of this, in order to create flooring planks, strips of bamboo must be glued together and compressed under extreme pressure.

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The Truth: If performed by an experienced flooring refinisher, Cali Bamboo’s engineered and solid bamboo flooring should be able to be refinished several times should you ever need to. As long as a floor is kept clean and free of debris, the floor’s scratch resistance and hardness swill keep it looking great for decades.

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The reason bamboo flooring is known for its environmental sustainability is because it is considered a grass and not a tree. It is harvested when it is quite young. The comparison is that it takes an oak tree 60 to 120 years to grow to maturity whereas it takes only about five years for a bamboo plant to mature to the point when it can be ...

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The bamboo floor should definitely be strand-woven, other forms of bamboo and cheaper products made from immature bamboo plants can be quite soft and won’t stand up well against energetic pets. Tile and Stone Flooring

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Bamboo flooring boasts many advantages in several areas over traditional hardwood flooring, and these claims are what have led its popularity. But there is a lot that the manufacturer’s do not tell you, and some of the most important facts about bamboo flooring have become lost behind the hype.

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Hardwood flooring has a ‘wear layer’ that can be sanded away over the life of the floor to be refinished. An amateur is likely to take more wood off than is necessary, robbing themselves of years of the life of their floor.

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37 Best Unfinished Bamboo Floor Stock from Engineered Bamboo Flooring. Engineered Bamboo Flooring Tiffany Lamps: Always the Right Choice for Your Home, Salsa: the name evokes emotions of love and passion.

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People hate bamboo because it dents and gauges when their children play on it and it looks terrible after just a couple of years. Unfortunately the customers with these complaints may have bought cheap bamboo that was not manufactured to the high...

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topics bamboo flooring facts & top 10 bamboo flooring myths myth 1 bamboo flooring is soft the truth the first generation of bamboo floors to hit the market in the mid 1990s gave bamboo a bad reputation for being soft and susceptible to scratching and denting but advances in manufacturing techniques over the years have actually made certain ...

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Bamboo Flooring And Its Environmental Impact Bamboo is a fairly new type of flooring for the American market. Its popularity has grown very fast. Bamboo flooring is commonly sold as a “green” floor product.