building porch and attaching it to mobil home

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When I purchased the Manufactured Home it came with an 8' x 24' deck with awning. This video show the re-construction of that deck on the back of the home.

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Building mobile home additions is a popular home improvement project. In fact, additions are the #1 choice for remodeling and improvement projects for homeowners. Adding mobile home additions are a great way to add additional square footage without incurring much debt.

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A porch on a mobile home can provide room to expand living areas or entertain guests. By covering the porch with a roof, you can use the space on more days of the year. You can build the porch in a simple fashion to provide shade for relaxing, or you can expand the design to include dining and cooking space.

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You have an outside porch and you want to cover it with a roof, so you can enjoy it, rain or shine. Building a porch roof can be as complicated as you want, but here is a simple method for building a roof over a porch.

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Guide to Decking Costs & Prices Decks and porches can elevate your quality of life several notches. Done right, they add to the look and value of your home and create outdoor spaces for parties, stargazing or just hanging out, cocktail in hand, watching the world go by.

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mobile home deck roof attaching I am planning a 18 x 10 frame with 2 x 6 and plywood. plus shingles. My main concern is, attaching it to the mobile home, how is the best way to do that? and are screws good enough to secure the 2 x 6's? thanks.

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A successful home accessibility project requires careful planning in order to be certain that the ramp meets the home occupant's needs, complies with local building requirements, is safe and sturdy, and is safe for use in all types of weather.

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Codes & standards for manufactured homes, mobile homes, doublewides, multiwides, & trailers. This article assists mobile home, trialer, or doublewide owners and inspectors of those homes who need to find the appicable codes and standards for manufactured homes, multiwides, trailers or mobile homes.

attaching a roof to deck on a mobile home

How to Attach a Porch to a Mobile Home (8 Steps) | eHow Attaching the porch to the mobile home, however, can get a little tricky. ... Build and secure the flooring of the porch first before adding the roof. ... space without the worries of an attached porch, consider building a freestanding deck instead.

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So, once again, the total cost to add this porch to my home, including removing the old brick stoop and building a porch from the ground up, including the lighting and additional wiring needed for the center hanging lantern was: $7,999.76.

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Attaching the porch to the mobile home, however, can... Adding a porch to your mobile home can give you valuable added square footage, at least during the warm months. Building a porch is a fairly straightforward project for anyone with carpentry experience.

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This deck structure is designed to be enclosed as a four-season porch in the near future. Estimated time for a novice (with a helper) to lay out footing locations: 12-14 hours. Time includes removing siding and attaching the ledger.

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The how to build a porch process from the ground up along with our porch design elements to create your perfect porch! ... Building and attaching a roof to your home ...

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Is there any way to legally (as in, according to the 2006 International Residential Code, which my county uses) join a porch roof to the roof of a doublewide mobile home by bringing the porch roof over the eaves of the house and attaching it to the roof decking?

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A better method of attaching your posts is to dig a hole and fill with cement. Step 1: Dig Holes Be sure to check with the local building inspector regarding the best method of installing posts for your soil conditions.