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My Inflatable / RIB Boat I just bought a new RIB and I want to protect the tube, hull and deck against UV, suntan lotion, dirt, grime, scuffs, stains, mold, etc.; My boat’s only a couple of years old and already it’s looking tired and is almost impossible to keep clean.

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For musty or mouldy fabrics, white vinegar is a cheap, effective cleaner that kills mould better than bleach without the toxic fumes. This will work for general cleaning of the interior of your boat as well as for fabrics.

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Chalky-(heavy oxidation) There's no gloss left, and your finger picks up a chalky residue when run over the gelcoat. On a colored surface - say a blue hull - you a white haze fading the color out.

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Chalky gelcoat is caused by the breakdown of the gelcoat surface itself. You are going to have to get the surface repaired before any decent shine is going to come back. Rubbing compound used in progressively finer grits will first remove the chalk then polish the surface back to a shine.

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In this video, we use the Acrylic-Werks Polish to restore the chalky interior of a 16 ft. fishing boat. This is a painted surface that is 12 years old and is showing the effects of prolonged exposure to sunlight.

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Does the gelcoat on your boat look chalky and old and need to be restored to shine once again? No problem—a little elbow grease, a buffer, some basic cleaning supplies, and a few hours of your time is all it takes. Check out the video by clicking on the photo, or read below, to see how you can get ...

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The first coat will soak in because if your boat is chalky, the gelcoat is dry and porous and will absorb more. The coverage on the 2nd coat will be greater. To restore the finish, first wash the boat with Boat Clean Plus at a concentration of about 1:4 with water.

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Let’s say that the gelcoat on your boat looks less than stellar—as in chalky like a chalkboard less than stellar.Maybe your blue boat now has a purplish hue, or your topsides don’t reflect anything other than poor care.

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I have an 18' 1991 mariah diablo. the original decals are starting to come off and the hull has a chalky appearance. I want to remove the decals and get a gloss back on her.

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Below you will find a detailed gel coat preparation guide on how to apply gelcoat to your boat RV or other surface. Take steps to cover and protect the rest of the boat before starting.

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Gel coat and interior restoration This service is designed for people who want to bring the their boats back to life and involves multiple steps of Compounding and polishing. It is a worthwhile investment in restoring your boat to as much of the original color and gloss it will allow.

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In this video, we use the Acrylic-Werks Polish to restore the chalky interior of a 16 ft. fishing boat. This is a painted surface that is 12 years old and is showing the effects of prolonged ...

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Boat and yacht detailing - Use Tint World? Boat and Yacht Detailing for washing, waxing, restoration, and anything else you need to renew your boat or yacht's interior and exterior.

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Gel Coat Shine Revitalizer RV Boat Restoration Fiberglass Paint ... Boat Hull - 108000. $33.99. ... When it does, the color of the fiberglass is hidden under a chalky ...

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These videos are designed to show how to apply the Acrylic-Werks products to a variety of surfaces, not show actual results. Results-oriented videos can be found in the other playlists for ...