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309 1 qt. Neutral Wood Patch is rated ... filled rather large voids... The Zar Wood Patch was easy to apply and very sooth. ... ugl wood patches wood floor protection ...

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Dark stains occur when the water penetrates the finish and goes into the wood, such as a stain on a wood floor where moisture has leached from a planter. In this article, you’ll learn techniques to get water stains off wood, whether the stains appear white or dark.

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Paint Wood Floors Wood Laminate Flooring Painted Floors Kitchen Flooring Painted Wood Painted Furniture Cement Floors Concrete Floor Floor Painting Forward Wood Floors To paint a wood floor, clean and sand the surface (filling any cracks with wood filler), then apply an oil-base sealer.

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Problem woods. Some types of wood, like pine, cherry, birch and maple, are notoriously difficult to stain. A board that has a nice, attractive grain pattern can end up with dark, splotchy areas after you apply the stain.

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Wood floor types, damage, diagnosis & repair damaged wood floors. A photo Catalog of types of damage to different wood floor materials Description of repair approaches for damaged wood floors Buckled wood flooring due to leaks or high moisture Cupped wood floorboards, convex & concave floor cupping Gaps between floor boards or parquet flooring - cause/cure Rotted wood flooring; Scratched wood ...

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The name says it all. It's milled from solid wood and comes unfinished, so you can apply your own stain, or prefinished for one less step and an easier installation.

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Dark stains on wood flooring are usually caused by urine or water spots that have remained untreated. Once the stain has dried, it can be difficult to remove it entirely from your floor. While ...

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Wood has grain; woodfiller does not, so large areas of woodfiller look nothing like the wood that surrounds it. Even when it does take on the color of the stain or finish you use, it will still look like a big, undifferentiated blob on your floor.

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Also, the finer the sanding grit you use on the wood the less stain it will take so using something like a 220 or higher might keep the surrounding wood from getting too dark. It’s always a bit of an artist’s touch to fill and hide damage in varnished wood.

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Allow the floor to dry. Another option is to try using a rejuvenator type wood floor cleaner on the stain. Watch this video to find out more. Further Information

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2 Bleach Dark Spots From Wood Floors; ... If the wood on your floor is extensively stained, sanding, bleaching and refinishing the entire floor may be your best option. References (2)

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Rub the white mark lightly using a regular, large pencil eraser until the mark disappears. Also, you can rub brand-name "magic erasers" on laminate flooring to repair marks. Sweep away all eraser particles once the marks are removed to prevent them from staining the floor.

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Expanding dark spot(s) on wood floor. "Maybe there is a slow/low leak and little or no water gets to the top surface, only resultant mold?"

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The only difference is the scratch in the dark colored floor will show through more noticeably as the color of the natural wood underneath is lighter. It’s because of cheap, poor quality finishes that dark stained floors have this reputation of showing scratches easily.