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The best way to describe engineered hardwood flooring is to think of it like a hybrid car; it’s a little bit of laminate and a little bit of hardwood. It’s core is usually plywood or high-density fibreboard (HDF) and the top layer is composed of a of hardwood veneer which is glued atop the core to mimic nearly any species of hardwood.

Difference Between Solid and Engineered Hardwood Floors

Hardwood flooring is a timeless option that continues to gain popularity when remodeling or building a new home. The most common types of hardwood floors are solid and engineered.

The Difference Between Hardwood Engineered & Laminate Floors

There are both subtle and significant differences between the various wood flooring types such as Hardwood Floors, Engineered Floors and Laminate Floors. It is our goal in this post to help define the differences between these wood floors and how to select the right hardwood flooring for your project.

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If you're shopping for flooring, or even if you're just interested in home decor and remodeling, you've probably heard of both engineered hardwood and laminate.

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Each type of hardwood has one installation method, as does each type of laminate, and while rare, there are other methods of laminate installation as well. This is about location. Solid hardwood should not be installed below ground level, called “below grade”.

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While confusing at first, differences between hardwood and laminate flooring become quite obvious when inspected closely. While the flooring market has an abundance of both types of materials, in most cases solid or engineered hardwood flooring is a wiser, healthier and more environmentally conscious choice than laminate.

Difference Between Hardwood and Laminate

Hardwood vs Laminate. When looking at wooden flooring, there are various materials used. However, hard wood and laminate are the most widely used floorings.

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Hardwood flooring is made from natural, durable woods, such as oak, maple, or hickory, that can last a long time when maintained properly.Laminate flooring, which is made of a synthetic fiberboard material and has a laminate finish, is much cheaper than hardwood but will not last as long.

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Laminate flooring has a slightly lower upfront cost, but most laminate floors need to be replaced within 10 years. When compared to the average 20 year lifespan of luxury vinyl flooring, the latter is the most cost-effective solution.

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Laminate vs. Hardwood & Engineered Wood To find out all the differences between these three materials, please visit our guide to laminate vs. hardwood and our laminate vs. engineered wood guide. Looking for a Pro for Your Flooring Project?

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While laminate is usually made of a synthetic material, veneer furniture features a thin layer of real hardwood. That hardwood layer covers the lower quality wood base, such as cheaper wood, MDF or particleboard, creating the look of solid wood furniture with a lighter core.

Engineered Vs. Laminate Flooring Which Is Better?

If you’re in a situation where you’re almost tossing a coin between engineered wood and laminate flooring, it’s time to get down to the nitty-gritty of the differences. In this article, we’ll start by briefly defining what’s meant by the different terms, so you’re clear about what you’re dealing with.

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The main difference between the two floors is that engineered hardwood floors have an actual hardwood surface, but structurally, they are very similar to a laminate. See how each type of flooring is made here laminate and engineered hardwoods.

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Hardwood vs Engineered Flooring. Hardwood flooring should never be confused with engineered flooring even though wood forms a major component in both cases as there is a wide variety of difference between the two.