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Once you are clear, you can decide whether you want to put up a privacy screen, wall, or fence. There are pros and cons to each. Which one you choose will depend on your budget, the location of your patio, appearance and functionality.

27 Cheap DIY Fence Ideas for Your Garden, Privacy, or Perimeter

If you’d like to have a privacy fence around your property or backyard then you might want to consider a fence like this. Though this site doesn’t offer a tutorial, if you are a handy builder, you could probably figure out how to DIY it.

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Our raised patio is surrounded by a large flower bed that sits lower than the patio. We built up the flower bed and constructed a fence to border it. 1. Determine the layout of your fence. Dig at least a 12-inch hole for the posts every 4 feet. Set posts into the holes. Level the holes with wood ...

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I want my cats to be able to breath the fresh air every now and then but letting a cat out side out in the open can be pretty dangerous, so I kinda wanna build/buy a cat fence to put around the patio so that my cats can be safe outside, but I don't know how to go about doing it.

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Put the collar on your pet, and if it gets close to the fence's perimeter, the pet receives an audible warning signal through the collar. Wireless pet fencing is also available. Hex netting is a lighter, inexpensive option for protecting a garden.

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Patio Pet Fence Relax with your pets on your patio with our removable mesh patio fence. Your new pet fence will help prevent your furry friends from running off, and keep them out of the mud and away from other hazards.

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A privacy fence is the easiest way to ensure seclusion for a patio. When the fence reflects the architecture of the house, the outdoor space becomes a literal extension of the indoors. When the fence reflects the architecture of the house, the outdoor space becomes a literal extension of the indoors.

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A Guide To Lighting Your Pool Area Especially in the warmer months, decks, porches, and patios around the pool are some your house’s most important “rooms.” They’re the perfect venues for leisurely brunches, festive grills, and just hanging out after a relaxing swim.

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Discover how planting beds can soften your hardscape and get ideas for designing space for plants around your patio. A good planting plan can turn hard space into a natural environment for outdoor living.