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Our Shaker style recessed panel door is a versatile choice, whether as a base for your favorite color or to showcase an elegant wood finish. Its streamlined design is a great fit for any style. WARNING

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I am building new cherry cabinets for my kitchen and plan on building shaker-style doors and drawer fronts with a flat center panel. I’m not concerned about authenticity and therefore it just seems unnecessary and probably unnoticeable to use solid wood panels given the style of door.

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Shaker-style recessed panel cabinet doors in this kitchen remodel create a neutral backdrop to the colorful backsplash and black counter. Recessed panel doors, often referred to as “Shaker-style” , are as timeless as they come.

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1980s – Flat panel wood cabinet doors with arched top rails and sometimes arched top and bottom rails became popular. Dark vs light: Dark cabinets with white countertops and dark grout lines were very popular, as were clean, bright white kitchens.

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Cabinet panel doors that or flat or recessed will come with a center panel and it will be a little lower than the all the rest of the door design, and it will also consist of a little higher outer edge which defines the style of that door.

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While a raised panel cabinet may change slightly in design from a cabinet door front to a drawer front, doing away with the overlay on the edge on the drawers, a Shaker cabinet door and drawer will be identical in style.

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Doors under 7" wide will automatically have an inset panel instead of a raised panel Doors under 5" wide will automatically be converted to a SLAB (i.e. not a frame and panel door) Shaker Raised Panel Edge Details:

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Raised panel doors are when the center panel is elevated. This type of style is more formal and found in more traditional homes. The raised panel adds a level of detail and is a great option for those wanting a decorative look for their cabinets.

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As you can see, all the photos above have raised panel doors, yet most all white kitchens we see these days have shaker doors. Up until this very moment I wonder if I made the right decision. I am hoping that the raised panel will always be classic.

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Although we display & have many different raised panel cabinet doors in our showroom, I haven't had a request for raised panel cabinet doors in years except for an historic home. Buy what you like, but there is a strong preference for shaker doors.

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Build your own raised panel doors with our 3 Piece Shaker Raised Panel Door Router Bit Set.Check out our Raised Panel Project Calculator for an easy way to determine the sizes of your door parts.

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Raised-panel doors have a thicker center panel compare to flat panel door, so that the panel can fit into the narrow grooves of the door frame, the edges must be shaped down to reduce their thickness, and this molded profile gives the panel a distinctive raised look.

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The two most popular door styles in cabinetry are the raised panel and the shaker – style. Raised panel door : With a raised center profile and rectangular framing surrounding giving the face a three dimensional look this door will give your kitchen a more traditional feel.

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There are three common styles of cabinet doors: raised panel, recessed panel and slab door. The difference between these styles is mainly the centre panel, as you can see in the photo above. The difference between these styles is mainly the centre panel, as you can see in the photo above.

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Raised-panel and flat-panel doors typically consist of 5 parts: 2 rails, 2 stiles, and a panel. This is commonly referred to as a 5-piece door.