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Can You Use Hardwood Flooring in a Bathroom? Natural wood is a timeless feature to include in any home remodel. From rustic touches in the kitchen to gorgeous hardwood flooring, finished wood surfaces offer a versatile touch of craftsmanship that will never be out of style.

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Hardwood flooring is a popular surface covering material that has been used in a variety of interior spaces since the dawn of modern construction. It is durable, low maintenance, long lasting, and has a beautiful natural look that is prized by many homeowners.

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Instead of being entirely harvested from one tree species, engineered wood uses plywood and fiberboard for most of the floor and only uses a thin layer of finished wood on top. This helps reuse wood scraps while also using less of a tree to cover a select area.

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Engineered hardwood can be an excellent choice for those that appreciate the value of wood flooring but crave the versatility of laminate or vinyl. No, it’s not the cheapest floor covering on the market.

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While the moisture resistance of an engineered hardwood makes it suitable for rooms below grade or ground level when installed with a moisture barrier, it is not advisable to install any hardwood flooring in a bathroom.

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Engineered wood flooring is the most popular choice for tongue and groove wood ceilings due to the lighter weight and flexible construction. Consider the weight and opt for woods with a light core. These flooring planks will place less strain on the ceiling joists and subfloor while being a fraction of the price of thicker engineered wood floors.

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Where Not to Use It While engineered flooring handles swings in moisture better than solid flooring, it has limitations. The wet feet, drips, and soggy towels of a busy bathroom, mixed with steam from a shower, put even stable engineered boards at risk.

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Engineered hardwood floors are comprised of a solid wood top layer, followed by multiple layers of manufactured wood, called ‘plies’, that are fused together with heat and pressure. The bottom, or backing, is often made of solid wood as well.

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Engineered Wood Flooring is the Right Option for Bathrooms. If you’re not familiar with engineered hardwood flooring, here’s a brief description.The top layer of engineered flooring, known as the wear layer, is made from the same hardwood species used in solid hardwood flooring.

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Of all hardwood flooring options, engineered is a better choice for a bathroom than solid, as plywood or solid wood bottom layers hold up against moisture relatively well and are very dimensionally stable.

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Laminate, or engineered, flooring is a built up composite to form planks with a specialty tongue and groove assembly also on the sides and ends of each plank.

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Originally, engineered wood floors were developed for use on the first floor of a home built on a concrete slab or in a basement. But engineered wood flooring technology has exploded over the last 20 years, and its products can be used just about anywhere, including in places where you’d expect to find plank floors.

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Engineered Flooring vs. Solid wood, If you’re facing the all too common dilemma of solid wood flooring vs. engineered flooring, this it the article for you. Solid wood flooring is, as the name suggests, made from solid wood.

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Known as engineered flooring, this flooring material is made of layers of wood topped with a thick hardwood veneer. A locking tongue-and-groove arrangement snugs the planks together. Engineered flooring is prefinished, stable, and a relatively cheap wood flooring option.

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Engineered wood flooring for bathrooms is an excellent idea because it’s warm under foot and looks great. When you choose engineered wood flooring for bathrooms, you need to ask yourself what sort of feel you want to create.