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Unique Epoxy Flooring Technology Our composite flooring system ensures you get the best performance from your new floor. Roxset Australia recognises that no one floor solution is suitable for every environment and aims to provide a custom tailored solution to suit our customers requirements.

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We specialize in epoxy coating floors to ensure a long lasting floor. Solutions Epoxy Flooring has over 10 years of experience in Ohio offering polymer coated flooring, acid concrete stained flooring, quartz and rubber mosaic flooring and hardwood refinishing.

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Non-Slip Flooring As part of any maintenance plan - minimising the risk of slips and falls is a top priority, as these are amongst the most common types of injuries in the workplace. These types of accidents account for about 86% of total injuries, and 90% of these happen due to the floor being wet.

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We manufacture Everlast Floor, a seamless marble-chip and quartz commercial epoxy flooring specifically formulated to meet the high demands of many applications

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Flooring services including industrial flooring, non-slip flooring, safety flooring, & underlayments flooring. Services available also include protective coating, epoxy flooring coating, decorative flooring coating, chemical resistance coating, epoxy coating, containment coating, abrasion resistance coating, containment linings coating, food grade coating, & concrete coating.

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We have developed a unique non-slip flooring coatings systems, including: durable Epoxy Resin Flooring, Polyurethane concrete floor finishes and (PU) Flooring, Methyl methacrylate (MMA) Flooring & Polyester Flooring Systems and a seamless epoxy wall coating system.

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We can do non-slip flooring in a varity of ways, including epoxy coating, resurfacing concrete or polishing the concrete. All flooring will be prepared prior to adding the non-slip finish, so we can ensure that your flooring solution will be installed on a smooth surface with proper adhesion.

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Epoxy flooring is seamless which provide a more sanitary environment and can resist chemicals, stains, abrasions and feature non-slip properties. Epoxy floors are easy to maintain as well with just clean water and detergent needed.

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Once the environment in which the flooring is to be installed is established we draw on our experience to recommend the best flooring solution for your individual scope in the following areas: Polyurethane flooring Epoxy Flooring and Coving systems Epoxy floorscreeds/levelling Concrete installations Polyester flooring and Coving Systems Concrete floor repairs Cement floor toppings/ Falls …

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Our coarse non-slip additive will give your kitchen epoxy flooring an extremely aggressive finish. With this extra texture, coupled with proper cleaning, even a greasy kitchen floor can maintain slip resistance.

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Non Slip Floor Coatings and Floor Safety. Keeping employees and visitors on safe footing both inside your facility and out is an important consideration for all industrial and commercial businesses.

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Slip resistant epoxy flooring and other coatings are required by most business environments, and with good reason—nearly all spaces, both commercial and industrial, are susceptible to the high risks associated with a wet or dry slippery floor.

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Slip Resistance 101: Understanding Non-Slip Epoxy Floor Coatings Slip Resistance: Important for Employee Safety Slip resistance seems easy to define— it is the roughness of a floor that creates positive traction and reduces the possibility of slipping and falling.

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With epoxy flooring being the flooring of choice for many industries that include food and beverage, automotive, medical, manufacturing, and working garages. Resin flooring is known for its tried and tested track record and phenomenal performance in a variety of working environments, which is due to the characteristics and ability to provide a hygienic and slip-resistant floor.

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Non-slip floors can be done in different ways like polished concrete, epoxy coatings or by resurfacing concrete. The floor will be prepared prior to your new flooring solution being installed to ensure a smooth application and proper adhesion.

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Epoxy flooring isn’t just about a flat surface that can be walked upon or driven upon. Like the computer systems, heavy machinery, or office supplies you use, the epoxy flooring system you have in your professional space needs to help you get the job done and keep your business moving forward.