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Swimming Pool Decking. A new deck surface can completely transform a pool area. With so many beautiful styles and materials available, your options for redesigning your pool deck are unlimited.

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A customer asked us to turn their pool into a patio; the job includes a natural rock water-feature and a new hot tub.

Converting Cracked and Stained Concrete Pool Deck to Pavers

Let us take your old and worn cracked and stained concrete pool deck and turn it into a beautiful eye-catcher with one of our many resurfacing techniques. From pavers to texturizing, we can create a unique look to complement your home.

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convert swimming pool into wine cellar Forgot to mention: the old pool is now 1/3 filled with earth and has a smaller fibreglass pool shell of 4x3x1.2 metres filled with water in the middle 1/3 and the cellar with a concrete roof slab weighing 85 kg,s( about 180 lbs?) per square meter spread over 12 square meters eg. 1020 kg,s in total (2244 ...

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A deck conversion like this one from Deckover Pool Retirement is one method for reclaiming backyard space when retiring an unwanted swimming pool. An inground pool can be a fabulous centerpiece of backyard living, but there are situations in which having this recreational fixture on the property becomes a source of frustration for the homeowner.

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An old pool was used as a water tank by installing a pod (plastic water collector) in the drained pool bed, linking it to gutter downpipes to catch rainwater and covering the pool with a deck. i don't know how they stabilized the pool first.

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Deck Over Pool Decking over pool More and more people are looking for options on what to do with that leaky old money pit in the yard, commonly know as a swimming pool.

Swimming Pool Deck "FEET" Message Vinyl Stick-On

6" x 12" vinyl stick-on convert swimming pool deck tiles to message tiles with the message "FEET" in 4" lettering. Meets most health code requirements.

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I have a 24' diameter 2~4" deep sand-covered circle in the ground (aka former site of above-ground pool) that I want to convert to an outdoor brick/stone patio.

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Rated 4 out of 5 by Loving the Pool Life from Did the job nicely Although I think that $40 + shipping was a bit much for 4 pieces of plastic. It was exactly what I need to convert the step portion of my old ladder into a usable step into the pool of the deck.

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…and then back into a deck! And then into a pool again. I just keep pushing the button. This is a slick, wooden deck by Agor that lowers, revealing a swimming pool. Above Ground Pool Decks

Product Features Includes adjustable base pads and 24-inch oversized deck mounting brackets

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From a detached, lower-level studio space to a fully realized aquaponic farm, here are six smart ideas (some DIY projects and some that require a little professional help) to convert your old swimming pool into something useful, beautiful, or both!

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Re: Draining pool to build a Deck over HELP If you just cover it with a deck, imagine all the dead animals that will accumulate in the empty pool. It will basically turn into a disgusting smelly cesspool.

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The Confer CK7100x (Warm Grey) conversion kit allows you to convert your Confer 7100x A-Frame ladder to a deck ladder, if you add a deck to your pool.